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Dog Food

Dog Food

Your dog’s diet is critical to ensure it stays healthy and energetic which is why we only stock the best brands. Our dog food has the right mix of proteins, minerals and vitamins so your dog gets an ideal diet.

MyPetshop stocks a range of premium dog food for active to overweight, small to large and young to senior dogs. We also stock a range of specialised diets for select breeds, lifestyles and conditions to help keep our dog’s teeth, skin, digestive system, joints and coat in tip top condition. Our pets do not need to eat as much premium food to get their daily nutritional requirements. They are made from wholesome, carefully formulated ingredients without the fillers that many standard pet foods include. Premium pet foods are also easily digested resulting in minimal faecal waste and odour.

The main things to consider when choosing a dog food are your dog’s age, whether they are large, medium or small breed, if they are active, overweight or if they have certain conditions and would benefit from a more specialised diet. Please contact us if you require any help choosing the right dog food for you companion.

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