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About Us




Oh boy, where do I start? I was the founding animal of our little business and I keep everything running smoothly with the help of Elton and Pierre - Elton will tell you he is the brains behind the operation, and I’m more than happy to let him think that. I’m here every day sorting your orders, packing them up and shipping them out and I love it, simply because I love people and it gets my tail wagging to see them happy!


Favourite colour: Black, no white, no black - oh I can’t decide!

Favourite food: Just about anything! Except chocolate - Easter is not a good time for me.

Likes: Chasing sticks in the park, chomping on a big juicy bone, running through the lake then shaking my fur out, people!

Heroes: Pongo from 101 Dalmatians - I hope to grow into a wise old Dalmatian like him.

Skills and expertise: Can detect yummy food from miles away!

Fun fact: My roots trace back to Croatia and its historical region of Dalmatia.




Oh hello there humans, you’re lucky you caught me in one of my non-napping windows. You need plenty of beauty sleep to look like me, you see. While I’m awake I’ll explain a little bit about me - I like to think of myself as the beauty and the brains behind our little shop - I keep that over-excitable dog and the wee Guinea Pig on their toes. When I’m not running rings around them you’ll find me basking in the sunshine, being petted by my many admirers or being pampered at the kitty salon - this fur doesn’t brush itself after all.


Favourite colour: Red, the colour of love - I’m quite a softy at heart, believe it or not.

Favourite food: Anything gourmet, darling.

Likes: Being brushed and petted, sleeping.

Heroes: The Aristocats’ Duchess - what a feline!

Skills and expertise: I’m very good at cheering people up - it must be something about my squashed up face, soft fur and big eyes.

Fun fact: Us Persians are highly sought after - Florence Nightingale and Marilyn Monroe were both Persian owners.




Hey friends! It’s great to meet you. I’m Pierre, but don’t let the French name fool you - my ancestors come from far away in the Andes in South America. You’ll know our original home as Peru and Bolivia today. I like to think I’m a hard little worker although I’m new to this game and a fraction of the size of my colleagues. My love for chomping grass makes me a great wee lawnmower so if you know anyone needing their grass trimmed, point them my way!


Favourite colour: Orange. Orange=carrots=happy Pierre.

Favourite food: Carrots!

Likes: Hanging out with my guinea pig pals, basking in the grass on a summer's day.

Heroes: Booboo the Guinea Pig - look her up, she’s Instagram famous and I want as many followers as her!

Skills and expertise: Can mow a lawn within minutes!

Fun fact: Guinea Pig is translated as ‘Little Pig’.


Those Humans

Woooof wooooof Kevin here, I'm going to tell you all about the humans that some times help!


MyPetShop (MPS) is a one stop shop for your pets needs.

The MPS site was set up by experienced  animal related e-retailers, having already established a successful e-business online. We have  been seeking a new business model that will appeal to pet owners, and we offer not only an extensive product range at very competitive pricing, but we also have an extensive resource base within the veterinary industry.

We have extensively researched the pet market and we have designed our offering to pet lovers, where research shows they are looking for an online buying facility that gives them access to the best products with the minimum of wasted time and resource.  Convenience is the key! The goal is to save our customers time and money, while providing them with the right product for the job.


We have purposely made navigation around the site simple and easy for you to use and find the products you need.
When you are ready to make your purchase, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your transaction is secure and protected, best of all your order is delivered direct to your door, and with today’s rising fuel costs this makes great sense!

Like your pet’s needs, MPS is constantly changing with new products and specials added frequently. If you’d like to receive our e-Newsletter and be advised of updates and receive exclusive offers, please click here to register.

We hope you enjoy MPS and we look forward to seeing you again.
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